K.S. Friends, “Bad Kids Go To Hell”, Bring Their Film To FanExpo

Going to conventions as much as we do you get the great opportunity to meet other creative entrepreneurs, and one of the real pleasures of the job is being able to share their work with your own fans and supporters.

It was a long journey from script to screen...

So without further ado…

One of the most interesting events that should be on top of your “things to do at FanExpo”,¬† is the Bad Kids Go To Hell screening.

Based on the bestselling Bad Kids Go To Hell graphic novel, which is kinda a ‘John Hughes meets Halloween’ idea, the film is going to premiere at the FanExpo on Saturday night.

You can meet Matt and “Bazza” the two creators of the book and film at Booth #802 (they are special guests of the Silver Snail) and see the film at 6:30 PM in room 715. Check the boys’ newsletter for a special “Detention Slip” that can get you into the film.

... but Bad Kids the film is debuting at FanExpo on Saturday at 6:30!

Matt and Barry (Baz’s REAL name) are great guys that we met when we first¬† started promoting Kill Shakespeare – their comic-to-screen journey is one we’re working hard to emulate – so for any of our fans who also loves a good old-fashioned 80′s style sex and scare story you should make a point of checking out the Bad Kids journey.

For a better taste – here is the trailer:

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