Sneak peek at Fall Convention Schedule

It seems like our long spring convention tour just ended and we’re already planning for a busy fall season already!  Though the summer has been great with a lot of work (and lots still to do!) I’m looking forward to hitting the road again to visit more conventions and shows to generate more interest in Kill Shakespeare - and to make some big announcements!

Kill Shakespeare Merchandise

Some of the comic conventions that we will be attending this fall will include (please note that this list is not complete and will be added onto in the coming weeks):

Aug 23-27 – FanExpo Canada - Toronto

Aug 31 – Sept 2 – Decatur Book Festival - Decatur, GA

Sept 8 – 9 – Baltimore Comic-Con - Baltimore, MD

Sept 14-16 – Montreal Comic-Con - Montreal, QC

Sept 23 – Word on the Street (Toronto) – Toronto, ON

Oct 11 – 14 – New York Comic-Con - New York, NY

Oct 25 – Book Fest Windsor - Windsor, ON

Oct 26 – 28 – Hal-Con 2012 - Halifax, NS

We look forward to seeing you at these and other shows/events (that have not been announced yet)!

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