Andy will be at Comic-Con this week!

This year’s version of Comic-Con starts this week (from Wednesday night – Sunday evening), the world’s largest pop culture convention.  It’s the mecca for all things geek and cool these days and the convention centre in San Diego will be filled to the brim with the latest in film, comics, television, video games, anime, manga and anything else you can think of.

Conor and I will not be attending this year (we’ve done pretty much every other convention possible thus far – and will hit all of the major ones in the fall) as we’ll be busy hitting some deadlines for scripts (more details to be announced in the coming months…).

However, artist Andy Belanger will be at the show the entire weekend so if you’d like to meet up with him and get him sign a copy of Kill Shakespeare, check out his new series Black Church, or just find out what he’s really like (he’s as fun as the Pillsbury Cookie Dough guy…) you can find him at the following spots:

Table #1320 – He will be there every day at this spot;

IDW Booth #2643 – Friday morning from 10am – 11am

To pick up copies of Kill Shakespeare at the show Andy will have some copies on him but you will also be able to pick up copies at the IDW booth (they will have both Volumes for sale).

And colourist Ian Herring, who is nominated this year for an Eisner Award, will also be attending the show so you may be able to see him while you’re there.

I highly recommend that you check out the IDW booth while you’re there – they’ve got some great new Con Exclusive releases (including Darwyn Cooke’s next Parker book) and you’ll have the chance to check out new series like Smoke & Mirrors (I highly recommend it).

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