Happy birthday to *our* Joss Whedon, Conor McCreery!

On July 1st here in Canada we celebrate our nation’s birthday, or Canada Day.  But it’s also a special day because today is co-creator Conor McCreery’s birthday!  Yes, fireworks are set off in the sky at night not just for our home and native land’s fete but also Conor’s!

Two years ago I posted a photo comparison of Conor and Adam Savage from TV’s Mythbusters.  Of late Conor has also started to look a bit like the geek god Joss Whedon himself so I thought that I would repeat that Photoshop tribute with an updated one for the man himself.  So here it is… Do you see any similarities?

Conor is currently in the midst of his honeymoon in South America but I’d like to take the time to wish my business partner, co-creator, co-conspirator and good friend Conor a smashing birthday!

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