Nominated for Joe Shuster Award (Best Writing)!

Just announced this morning is the news that we (Conor and Anthony) have been nominated for a 2012 Joe Shuster Award for Best Writing!  This is the second-year in a row in which we have received a nod and we’re quite pleased and touched by the nomination.  We were nommed for our work on Issues 9 – 12 of the series, all of which were released in the first-half of 2011.  Thanks to Kevin Boyd, who does a fantastic job organizing the entire process, the nominating committee, and everyone else associated (even Robert Haines… Boo…).  And congrats to all of the nominees.

A full list of the nominees can be found by clicking on the logo.

We’d be remiss for not expressing our disappointment that artist Andy Belanger failed to receive a nomination for his artwork for the series.  Andy has done a superb job on the series (especially the last four issues – see sample below) and it pains us that he’s not recognized.  He definitely deserves to be – his layout and art is on the cutting edge and much stronger than most comic creators today.

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