Here come the Aussies to pillage TCAF, Viking-style!

The amazing TCAF 2012 is going to be even better than it looks! (This poster is drawn by the incomparable Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon).

TCAF is always one of our favourite events in the comic’s calendar.

(and if you haven’t gone before then get yourself down to the Toronto Reference Library at Bloor and Yonge this weekend).

It is one of the rare places where you can delve deeply into a host of creator owned books as well as read illustrated stories in pretty well any genre under the sun.

Organizer Chris Butcher also does an amazing job of bringing in the sort of guests you won’t find anywhere else. Guests from all over the world.

Make sure you check out the amazing comic work coming out of Australia

One of those exotic guests happens to come from Australia and he happens to know my soon to be sister-in-law, Allison, and so I’m super excited to get to shill for his arrival in Canada.

Matt Taylor works in advertising back in Oz (so if you need to hire an amazing concept design firm go here), but he’s also a rabid comics fan and creator.

He’s been crisis-crossing North America as part of the Caravan of Comics, an invasion of sorts of like-minded Aussies with keen wits and pens to match.

Matt is a pretty funny dude and he’s been kind enough to give the Kill Shakespeare universe a sneak-peak at his book, Lars the Viking.

Lars is a perturbed lil’ fellow who speaks entirely in verse and mostly is pretty ticked that all the good plundering days seem to have come to an end. It turns out that the Vikings may not be long for this world, and Lars isn’t QUITE ready to accept sliding into the dustbin of history.

(Oh, and Lars has a pet pig? Did I mention that? A pig who also goes on raids? Yep, a raiding-pig… sweet!)

So please enjoy this little gift through K.S. and we hope all of you who are coming to TCAF this weekend will check out our Australian friends as well!


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