C2E2 Camera Connection!

I know that it’s been two weeks since C2E2 in Chicago but I’m only now getting around to posting some photos from the trip.  I apologize for this – the last two weeks have been quite busy with the Middle East Film & Comic-Con trip, then catching up on everything.  I’ll also post the Dubai photos later this week.

My trip to Chicago was fantastic.  It’s a great theatre town so obviously there were already a lot of Kill Shakespeare fans there – and we were able to make so many more! My only regret is that our book stock is pretty low so we sold out early Sunday morning.

I have a LOT of people to thank for making Chicago so great.  I’d like to thank my booth helper for Saturday and Sunday – the fantastic Sarah Hunter.  I’d also like to thank Christina Hall and Diego, who helped out for a few hours on Friday evening.  I’d like to thank the amazing team at the ALA – especially Tina Coleman – for including us in their scavenger hunt (I’ll see you in June at the conference in Anaheim!).  Lys Fulda for helping me out with accomodations in the city (go Chinatown!).  Jenny and Chris from ReedPop who helped us secure our spot at the show.  Everyone who came out to my STANDING ROOM ONLY workshop on pitching and marketing your comic.  And finally, the amazing Kate Kotler for helping out through the weekend and serving as a city tour guide (from a remote distance – she was ‘M’ to my James Bond through the city)…

Next year will be even better!  I look forward to visiting the city again.

Here are some pictures:

Obligatory blurry tourist photo...

Obligatory shot of the convention banner

Anthony hamming it up with Sarah Hunter

Diego and Christina deliberating on the Bard... Or where the best place to get dinner is...

Anthony poses with film/comic writer Sean Williams and the great Bill Willingham (Fables)

Anthony did his best sketch EVER for Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan

Kate Kotler forced Anthony to eat this. Against his will.

These two sisters were incredibly excited about Kill Shakespeare!

Anthony made her tap dance to qualify to buy her book...

Yes, that's Effie from District 12...

Anthony with Jon Armstrong of IDW's incredible new series SMOKE AND MIRRORS

Michele the persistent t-shirt vendor, who got what he really wanted - the Justice League shirt!

I was able to get away for a couple hours at the Art Institute of Chicago, where they allow people to take photos of the artwork... Here is Hopper's Nighthawk...

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