We guest blog on Reading With Pictures

Reading With Pictures is a fantastic site and resource for those who want to learn more about the medium of comics and especially for those who are looking to, or already to, teach comics in class.

The two of us were honoured then when RWP asked us to contribute some guest blogs to the site.

The first blog “Hamlet to Ham Sandwich” is up here. We hope you think it is an interesting take on why the comic medium deserves to be studied, why comics and Shakespeare are a great fit, as well as as why students of all ages respond so well to Shakespeare when he is presented in an accessible way (say, a certain graphic noel you may be familiar with?)

Stay tuned as we should have more blogs up for RWP soon.

Also we’d love it if you checked out the Kickstarter campaign for a fantastic new textbook that RWP is developing to help make teaching comics easier, and more rewarding than ever.

(and some of the rewards for this campaign have GOT to be seen to be believed!)

See you all in Dubai!

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