Pretty in Purple

With Anthony and Conor splitting up to do cross-country coverage of comic-con’s (say that five times fast), the press has started to come trickling in.

All the world is Kill Shakespeare's media-stage

For those fans newer to the whole Kill Shakespeare “thing” these interviews are a great way to get caught up on what the project is about, what we have done and where we are going for it.

In Toronto, at the Fan Appreciation Show, Conor chatted with Adam Donaldson of Press+1 a new, and very slick site that delves into geek culture with reviews, interviews and commentary (they’re also going to cover the Junos – Canada’s music awards – which I think is pretty cool and innovative).

You can check out the interview with Conor here (and leave comments on that snaZZY purple sweater below….).

Next stop for the dynamic duo is the Shakespeare Association of America’s meeting in Bahstahn, so if anyone has any advice on what to do and where to go this weekend let us know!

As Don Draper’s wife would say — Bissous (or is that Zou be Zou be Zou?)

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