Sunny photos from cloudy Anaheim…

WonderCon 2012 just finished yesterday (Sun, Mar 18/12) and I still haven’t wound down from how much fun the event in Anaheim was.  As mentioned in an earlier blog post, we launched the first issue of Kill Shakespeare two years ago in San Francisco at the event and it was great to come back to celebrate.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and those that stopped by our booth.  One of the great things about a convention like this is the number of people that walk by, see our banner, and then say to us, “Kill Shakespeare? Why would anyone want to do that?”  It’s great meeting with fellow Shakespeare fans (Bardolaters), fans of comics, and hanging out with fun people overall.

More importantly, thanks to other special people – the team at IDW that helped us out this weekend (Mike, Dirk, Chloe, John, Greg, etc.), the people at WonderCon (thanks for the great booth spot), AdaPia (for connecting us with the right people), Keith and Dave from Avatar (for helping with shipping), and most importantly, Alex Renshaw and Lyz (Lyzard) Reblin for helping out with the booth through the entire weekend.  You guys are all great and make all of this possible.

Here is a collection of photos from this past weekend…

The banner says it all... Well, it says a bit...

Our booth before the show opened on Friday

Alex, Anthony and Lyz (don't forget the "y")

Anthony with one of our top fans, Rabbi.

Anthony with Maggie, who probably knows more about Shakespeare than he and Conor combined...

Lyz geeked out when Felicia Day stopped by our booth on Saturday to say hello.

One of our first interviews two years ago with with Cammy, who had the tables flipped when Anthony chose to interview him this weekend

Kill Shakespeare Sing-a-long Blog?

Rockin' the Kill Shakespeare swag

Learning the Martha Stewart way of folding a t-shirt

Anthony with our IDW Publishing editor Tom Waltz

Anthony with one of the top Asian-American comic book journalists, Steve Sunu

More fans!

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