Welcome to the Comic Book Laboratory

While Kill Shakespeare is a more than full-time job for Anthony and I, we aren’t even close to the only people needed to get the thing out there to you fine readers.

The mad-hatter O'Brian style!

Beyond Andy B.’s awesome art, Ian Herring’s great colours, Kagan Mcleod’s cool covers and the entire team of amazing people at IDW we also have a crack squad of interns — all of whom aspire to their own careers in the arts in one flavour or another.
So, we’re VERY happy to be able to point you in the direction of mega-awesome intern Ben O’Brian’s new website.

Ben’s Comic book laboratory contains¬† Ben’s j on-going comic work, several series of art projects (including a great one of Toronto cinema’s marquees) and his stand-alone political cartoons.

Ben also reviews films for several portals – so he is a real renaissance man — please check out his work and leave some comments for one of our favourite people!

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