Photos from Toronto Comic-Con

We took part in the Toronto Comic-Con this past weekend and it was a great time for all.  Though not as large as FanExpo (held here in late-August), it was a good show run by the same organizers.   Thanks to Kevin and everyone else that invited us and helped us out over the weekend.

Highlights included our workshop on Sunday (run amazingly well by Conor and Andy), getting new fans, talking to Shakespeare buffs about its works, being visited by two women who came all the way from Buffalo to see us, and running into old friends.  Thanks to Bob, Spencer, Keith and Ben for helping us out over the course of the weekend.

Here are some pics from the show:

How could we NOT put this as the first photo...?

These two traveled from Buffalo for the show - and we were their top priority!

True, Anthony is often befuddled, but this time...

It may look like Kaili and Ilora are fighting here, but they're actually jumping up and down for joy... They were so excited by the premise of KS!

Thor attacks

Hunter S. Thompson devours our second trade paperback.

We were stationed beside the uber-cool (and talented), award-winning cartoonist Scott Chantler.

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