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Mika Machida's style makes me think a little of Bill Plimpton on some very strong antidepressants

While the Kill Shakespeare team was searching for the right venue for the launch of our second trade paperback (thanks again to Balzac and our friends at Spearhead Brewing Co. and the Afghan Women’s Catering Collective) we stumbled into Cafe Furbo which is a nice little place to grab a an espresso (or so I am told by people who drink coffee).

Or maybe a bit Edward Gorey-ish?

While we chatted with the owner, Kevin, we noticed some very creepy but intriguing art lining the walls of the cafe. As it turns out the work belongs to Mika Machida — a friend of his daughter’s.

Mika is just 15 and she know what she want to be – an artist. Heck given these images she’s already there.

Then again maybe this all belongs in American McGee's "Alice"

So what do you think friends of Kill Shakespeare? Should we be looking to tap Ms. Machida for a cover or two for the third series of Kill Shakespeare?

Couldn’t you just see her doing a kick-ass rendition of the bloody mess that may be a certain famous Shakespearean character’s island?

Heady stuff from a 15-year old girl!

Even if you can’t it’s tough not to see that his young lady is a definite talent to keep an eye on.

This one may be my fave -- feels like it would fit with Richard Starkings' Elephantmen

  1. Deborah Altenbeck Deborah Altenbeck
    Deborah Altenbeck replied on December 20, 2011 at 1:48 am

    Wow. This artwork is outstanding. She should definitely become an artist and keep that style. Yeah you should ask her to do a cover.

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