One thing we like to do when we get a chance here in the Kill Shakespeare estates (and by estates we mean two painfully small apartment-y type things in the city of Toronto) is to pass on weird, wonderful and interesting work that people share with us at conventions.

Just a stoner and his centipede buddy -- you know, a usual day...

Well, earlier this month, (last month by the time most of you see it) we were in Halifax and I struck up a fun conversation with an artist named Bruce Delo. Bruce asked if he could show me his comics and I said ‘yes’ (being the generally kind and generous soul that I am).

So he passed me this bizarre little strip called Life Comix which I flipped through and it was really, really random.

And I mean that mostly in a good way. Life Comix seems to be about a group of stoner friends who get up to all sorts of adventures, well they don’t get up to a heck of a lot (they ARE stoners),  but there is definitely a sweet undercurrent to everything in the strip which appealed to me (as did some of the most random moments like the centipede buddy or the “face-hands” that make apocalyptic predictions).

So I told Bruce I’d toss it on our site and that hopefully he and I wouldn’t be the only ones with the same odd sense of humour.

Life Comix – it may not be for everyone, but I think there’s the seed of something here so I hope you check out his work, and Bruce I hope you keep at it!


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