Next generation of artists!

One of the great things attending conventions and also doing talks at schools and libraries is meeting youngsters interested in getting into comics.  They range from as young as 4 up to, well, our age (we sometime lump ourselves into that category).

At the New York Comic-Con last month we were fortunate to meet a very talented up-and-coming 9-year-old artist by the name of Shea Stevenson.  Shea was a little shy but after a bit of prodding we discovered that he had a lot of talent and after the convention he was able to send me some of his work.  Two of the illustrations are below.  Shea’s got a lot of promise and we look forward to seeing him develop into a full-time comic book artist in the next decade.

Shea: Make sure to keep working.  Draw every day as much as possible.  Read and study as many comics and pieces of art as possible.  And, whatever you do, don’t lose your enthusiasm for it!

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