Retailer Profile: Friendly Neighborhood Comics (Bellingham, MA)

As we’ve been talking to comic book retailers in the last two months we’ve started to realize how devoted a lot of them are to their customers and the comic art form.  We’ve gotten very positive reaction from a lot of them and look forward to working with them closely over the next year to entertain and excite their customers!

One retailer that stood out was Friendly Neighborhood Comics, based in Bellingham, MA.  They were one of the most excited retailers for Kill Shakespeare and owner Ernie sent out an email posting to customers (which helped to spur additional presales of the first issue).  Ernie has been putting together some interesting events for customers, including a really fun Ladies Night they use to bring in new audiences (and their big promos for the new Twilight graphic novel should do wonders for that!…).

Thanks to Ernie and everyone at Friendly Neighborhood Comics – we look forward to doing whatever we can to help you out!

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