Getting Lucky’s in Vancouver

Last weekend I spent a fantastic weekend in Vancouver, my first time there.  One of the highlights was doing a signing at Lucky’s Comics, one of the top comic book stores in the city.  It was great to meet some of the customers there, hang out with Gabe, the owner (who loves basketball), and meet up with some old friends (one from high school, one from my stints as a wedding MC)…

Lucky’s is a pretty cool store with a wide selection of books – everything from Kill Shakespeare to Kate Beaton’s Hark, A Vagrant to Bill Simmons’ Book of Basketball.  If you’re looking for a cool selection of graphic novels and book, I highly recommend them.

Here are some pics from the event:

With Lucky's owner Gabe at the front of the store (no, I did not give him that black eye...)

My old high school friend Stephen Murray stopped by to visit... I haven't seen him in about 15 years!

With Kupa and my good friend Tina Francis (Kavita, are you jealous that I got to hang out with Tina?)

With series fan John, who has collected each and every issue.

Kupa and Tina insisted upon finding out how the story ends...

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