Night Flight Comics: One of the best retailers in the U.S.!

Conor and I attended the Sundance New Frontier Story Lab last week and I’ll post a lot of content from our time in the next couple of days.  But before we took part in the lab, we arranged to fly into Salt Lake City a day early so that we could do some signings at Night Flight Comics (Sat, Oct 22nd).

We met Mimi Cruz, the manager/owner of the store back at WonderCon in April, 2010.  She was so much fun to hang out with and chat that we immediately wanted to call her up and hang out at her store, if only for some great conversation and laughter with her.

Mimi and her co-owner/husband Alan are two of the coolest people you’ll ever meet but also quite astute to the comics world and retailing industry.  They run two locations in Salt Lake and both do quite well and have a strong customer base.  They were so kind to us – picking us up at the airport, taking us on a tour of the city, showing us where Bob Redford eats when he’s in town.  They’ve been fans of our series since Day #1 and we really appreciate it.

Below are some photos of our signings at the store:

It was a gorgeous day in Salt Lake City so we moved the signing outside.

Mimi picked us up at the airport... We felt like VIPs!

Even though he was in Salt Lake City, Conor still found time to occupy Wall Street... Diner (at the airport)

Conor and Anthony with Connie and Crystal, two fans of the series since its beginning.

Eric dressed up for our appearance, playing the role of Hamlet...

Captain America also showed up.

Anthony and Conor with Alan, Kiley and Jeff

A great Kill Shakespeare book display by Kiley

I just had to put this photo... The look on Mimi's face is priceless!

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