Thanks to Everyone at NYCC!

We arrived back from the New York Comic-Con yesterday and have hit the ground running on a number of things – working out the details (and the script) for our live stage reading next month, prepping for the release of our second trade (also next month), and catching up on sleep (we may have to wait for this until… you guessed it, next month…).

The New York Comic-Con was a huge success for us.  We sold out of most of our product and (almost) broke our convention record!  We met a lot of existing fans and made some new ones.  Thanks to everyone who helped out with the show – those that stopped by to say hello, the organizers who did a good job, the artists and business people in our section, and those that put up with us for our times in New York.

Here are some various photos from the weekend.

Our first copy of Volume 2 (to be released next month)!

Anthony and his cab driver Sayid waiting outside of the Javits Centre, trying to unload our boxes

Conor and Anthony with Richard Starkings (Image's ELEPHANTMEN)

We are often the first comic book people have ever purchased... This time it's Jake

A fan bites her thumb at us... I'm not really sure why, but I'm sure she had a valid complaint...

Another fan wearing our swag!

NYC journalist Stephen Holt stopped by to say hello again

Anthony and Andy are interviewed by Fangoria magazine, Andy's favourite publication since he was eight years old

The lucky purchasers of the final page of the series!

Anthony with one of Toronto's top chiropractors, Dr. G.

You know you've made it when cosplaying girls are selling your book for you...

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