It has been a big couple of days here in Kill Shakespeare land.

Not only do we have the big Sundance news but I have some great art to share with you from the next generation of Canadian comic talent. AND, here in Canada, it’s TURKEY day this weekend — yep Canadian Thanksgiving is here! Gobble, gobble!

(Alright, before I fall into a tryptophan induced coma, I want to share with you some REALLY cool stuff.)

The pieces below were sent to us by the awesome comic club at the Ontario College of Art and Design. These lovely ladies and men are all enrolled in one sort of graphic art or another at OCAD, but they still find time to meet twice a month (usually the second Thursday) and share their comic creations as well as talk about the medium we all love.

Andy and the ever-talented Ramon Perez went with me to chat with the club last year and in return they sent us their amazing work.

Enjoy (click on the images to see them in all their full-sized glory).

Alice Li gives us a nice tranquil bamboo grove (grove, right?) to enjoy.

I do like me some ghost foxes - especially this one by Lauren Bamlett

Lillian Tse gives us the most common of Toronto experiences -- pigeons!

Some stylish work from Merrill Liu

Bedbugs, a Torontian apartment renters worst friend. I hope Clara Urech's piece is not based on real-life events. Those suckers are NASTY!

Clara also gives us this awesome Mucha-inspired piece.

Shianne Edelmeyer's piece is called "Octowomb" - well, d'uh. I love amazingly disturbing art.

And it wouldn't be Kill Shakespeare if a familiar character, or two, didn't make an appearance. Here an artist imagines Nintendo fave Link getting a little, violent.

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