Letters from Germany!

Kill Shakespeare continues to spread around the globe and through schools.

We just received this e-mail from a pair of German University students who are studying Kill Shakespeare in one of their seminar courses.

Dear Anthony and Conor!

Deborah Altenbeck is our teacher in English and we had the topic of Shakespeare.

In our English lesson we read your comics and we really enjoyed it! It was so exciting and interesting to see how people deal with Shakespeare in another way.

We were surprised how detailed you know each  character!

In issue four for example we first had problems to understand the complexity but after reading it several times we were very interested how the situation between Othello an Iago is going to develop. And after finding out about Falstaff and the Merry Wives of Windsor we were amused that you also brought the aspects and background information from this play.

Best wishes, Antonia and Syna

We love it when we get feedback from our fans, especially international ones – so please if you have any thoughts or comments on the series get a hold of us at lendusyourears@killshakespeare.com

All the best,

Conor and Anthony

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