Another Kill Shakespeare Appearance in the Digital World

We were approached by Daniel Fischlin, a professor at the University of Guelph and the Director of the Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project (CASP), earlier this year to be involved in a cool new digital project they were putting together.  After a few months of development and beta testing, the product is in!

ROMEO & JULIET: THE SHAKESPEARE APP is now released and available on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It is described as such:

Simply the most complete, media-rich app. of a Shakespeare play ever created, the InteractiveReaders’ version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet gives you the full play with integrated easy to use notes, facts, critical readings, and multimedia, including videos with well-known Shakespearean experts talking about the play, and all the source texts Shakespeare used to write the play.  Read Shakespeare like you’ve never read him before.   Use the cleverly designed interface to take notes and search the play.  Discover unusual facts about the play.  Learn vocabulary.  Interact with a variety of media that allow you to explore how Romeo and Juliet has been adapted and remade over the centuries since Shakespeare wrote it.  Look up words or phrases you don’t understand.  Get act-by-act plot summaries.  Get important information about all the characters in the play.  Access hard-to-find source materials Shakespeare used to write the play. See how pop culture has adapted the play into graphic novels and movies.

There is a section in the App that gives a preview and synopsis of Kill Shakespeare so it’s great to see other applications incorporate our tale into theirs.

You can go directly to the iTunes page for the App by clicking on the image above or going here.

Also, we will be presenting at a Shakespeare Conference that Dr. Fischlin is putting together on November 1st of this year in Guelph so look for more details in the near future.

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