Happy Birthday to colourist Ian

Yesterday (March 5th) was the birthday of our colourist, Ian Herring.  It also doubled as the beginning of work on Issue #4 (“So Wise So Young Never Do Live Long”) so Conor and I were able to head to the studio and visit them, bring some cupcakes, go over and make any final revisions to Issue #3, and begin the work on Issue #4.

Poor Cupcake, I knew it well...

(Please note in the photo above that, with his beard, Ian is trying to channel the look of Kenneth Branagh – and even the way he holds the cupcake is how Sir Kenneth would hold a skull…)

Thanks to Ian for all of his work on Kill Shakespeare thus far – we’ve seen some great colouring work from him thus far and the new issues he’s working on are even better!

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