Pics from Toronto’s FanExpo

We had an absolute blast at FanExpo this past weekend.  We enjoyed taking part in the WGC adaptation panel on Thursday evening, I enjoyed talking to the packed-crowd for our How to Create and Market Your Indy Comic on Friday, and, of course, we had a great time talking to fans, readers, geeks and everyone else that came by our poorly-placed booth.

A few photographic highlights of the weekend…

Our youngest reader loves the ending of our issue!

Anthony presents a Harvey Award to Darwyn Cooke (Parker: The Outfit)

Reader Oliver exults in his new Bear tshirt while Amanda has the original K.S. shirt

Anthony is a huge HUNGER GAMES fan so loved seeing the first outfit of the protagonist Katniss Everdeen

Yes, this fan's actual first name is Shakespeare. We checked his driver's license to prove it...

Spider-Man loves the book!

Conor with writer Andrew Ardizzi, who is a huge Ryan Reynolds' fan

It was Anthony's birthday on Saturday so Conor brought him some cupcakes!

A first time comic convention attendee!

Kagan McLeod was selling copies of his new graphic novel, INFINITE KUNG FU (Top Shelf)

How could we NOT put another photo of our youngest reader...?

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