A little product placement for our little book

San Diego Comic-Con becomes a bigger and bigger deal for the “mainstream” media all the time.

Earlier this week CTV did a story on San Diego and the record crowds that gathered to attend that Geek-a-palooza. But part of the story focused on an event that’s we’ll be attending this fall – the Halifax Comic Con!

Jen Lambe, who heads up the organizing committee for HalCon, was interviewed by CTV to comment on the rise of Geek culture. And Jen, a big fan of our work, got them to shoot the lead-in to the interview with her reading our book.

It made enough of an impression that my fiancee’s mother e-mailed us to say she had seen it — and right now she’s living in Dryden, Ontario which is a couple of hours north of Thunder Bay (so it looks like we’re going regional, baby!)

A big thanks to Jen for giving us another great plug on National T.V.! It means a lot to us that our fans support the book the way you do. So thanks to all of you.

Click on the link below to see the lovely Ms. Lambe!

CTV Live at 5

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