Issue #12 is off to the presses!

Just a couple of hours ago we officially signed off on the twelfth issue of our series.  Yes, Issue #12.  Our final one.  It’s off to those magical people in Korea who will now put the issue together for us and ship it out later this month for arrival in comic book stores in the first week in August.

A glimpse of Andy's awesome Issue #12 alternate cover!

It’s an amazing feeling to see the issue complete… yet at the same time a bit of sadness as it’s the end of this run. I can’t say anything at this point but this won’t be the last issue of Kill Shakespeare, potentially, maybe, hopefully…

There are so many awesome people to thank for completing this issue, especially Andy Belanger and Ian Herring, who have put together an amazing finale.  However, I’d like to take the time to thank Chris Mowry, who went above-and-beyond the call of duty on this issue to get it done.  Chris has been the letterer for a majority of the issues in the series and he’s really done a great job.  I really wish the Harvey Awards voters could have recognized him earlier this week with their nominations.  For this issue he practically pulled all-nighters to get it done and we owe him a big thanks for this.

And so we wait to see the final product in our hands…

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