Ve are big in Chermany!

(Deborah forgive me for my teasing…)

Kill Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth as school project

So, one of the best things about Kill Shakespeare, to me at least, is knowing that teachers and educators are finding it interesting.

So it was with GREAT excitement that I saw this e-mail in my inbox the other day. It was from Deborah Altenbeck a German graduate student who is a BIG fan of Kill Shakespeare. She had been hoping to do a paper on us and wrote to me to provide an update.

The e-mail started off a LITTLE depressingly:

I apologize for not keeping in touch. I was very busy doing my final exams and my final paper for the university. But I’m through with everything now. Unfortunately I couldn’t write one of my research papers on Kill Shakespeare as I’ve originally planned, but I was forced to write it on a different topic.


So much for our inaugural German language paper. But as I read the e-mail I realized what Deborah HAD done was way, WAY, cooler.

However, I am still working for the Institution for gifted children and still teach the Shakespeare course and I thought I should let you know what we’re doing…

Dare I ask what job Iago was interviewing for?

…A few lessons ago we finally started on the Comics Section. I assigned the various main characters from Kill Shakespeare to individual students and they made posters, researching information on:
1. which play they are from
2. their alignment (good —– bad)
3. a description
4. a strength
5. a weakness
6. 5 adjectives to describe the character
7. family tree
8. a famous quotation
9. pictures from the internet
and I provided them with character artwork that I found on your website.
When we were all finished, posters were presented to the group so that everyone knew each character. I attached some photos of the results.

Hmmm, yellow as the colour for Hamlet? Is that a statement?

So I wanted to share with you, our fans, some of those photos so you can see how Kill Shakespeare is being used to help kids get into the Bard in a whole different way.
As you can imagine this makes Anthony, Andy and I enormously proud of our work and it is something special to think that our little comic has made it across the sea.

Going forward Deborah says she plans to read the whole series to her class and hope to put together a teaching guide for Kill Shakespeare.

So a big Danke to Deborah. You have made our week.


"Sir" John Falstaff? Someone's putting on airs...

PS: The second coolest thing about her Shakespeare unit besides the fact it used Kill Shakespeare? The fact that she had the students do in-character job interviews. Can you imagine Hamlethaving to try to land a gig as an air-traffic controller?

Interviewer: “So, Mr. Hamlet. Can you provide me some examples of times when you were under a great deal of pressure and we’re able to make snap decisions?”

Hamlet: ….

Interviewer: Mr. Hamlet?


Interviewer: Mr. Hamlet, are you awake?


Interviewer: Mr. Hamlet!

Hamlet … yes.

Interviewer: Well then, can you answer me the question, please. Can you think of an example of when you successfully made a quick decision?



Hamlet:….  Maybe?

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