CBC National & The World at Six Profiles!

We have been fortunate to receive a great deal of media attention since the launch of our series last year.  However, one of our biggest hits will be on air later this week.

The major Canadian television network CBC will be doing a profile of Kill Shakespeare on their flagship nightly news and current affairs show The National.  It is scheduled to air this Friday (the 17th at 10pm) in a run-up to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and the Joe Shuster Awards (for which we are nominated for Outstanding Comic Book Writing).  The news team, led by reporter Arisa Cox and producer Nigel Hunt, followed us as we did talks at Barbara Frum Library (Toronto) and Bayside Secondary School (Belleville).  They also interview teacher Kent Allin and Soulpepper Artistic Director Albert Schultz.

The profile will also be aired on CBC Radio’s program The World at Six with Alison Smith.  This program is schedule to air the same day – Friday the 17th at 6pm.

Please keep in mind that these dates and time are all subject to change, depending upon the events of the day. But if you’re in Canada and around the television or radio tune in and find out more about Kill Shakespeare! We will also post links once everything goes live online.

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