Mosey on to Calgary!

Our creative team (myself, Conor and Andy B) will be appearing at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo next weekend (June 17 – 19th).  We’re excited to take part in this event as it’ll be our first time promoting our series to the Western Canadian market – and we’ve also heard such great things about this Con.  It’s the biggest in Western Canada and apparently people travel from all over British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and even Manitoba to check it out!

Also, I will be appearing at Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton on Thursday, June 16th in a Mini-CCEE event.  It will run from 7 – 10pm at the Jasper Avenue location and will include myself, Jim Zub (Skullkickers), Omar Dogan (Udon Studios) and Ray Fawkes (Apocalypstix).

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