Life too boring? Maybe a zombie apocalypse will help.

Hey all,

You need to always watch your back in David Bishop's Stranger.

Just taking a moment before we head off to Heroes Con to give a nod of the head to David Bishop one of the great guys behind the Renerd and Talking Dead podcasts and a web-comic creator of some note. As you can probably guess from one of the titles of those podcasts Dave is a zombie fan – a BIG zombie fan. Therefore it is no surprise that his webcomic Stranger is an interesting entry into the genre.

It’s early yet so I can’t tell you TOO much about how Dave plans to make his zombie tale distinctly different, but I know we have a stuffed bear to reckon with.

And Sean.

Poor Sean.

What I like most is the fact that David is very willing to let the art speak for itself. The first few pages of Stranger have no dialogue – we just get a growing horrific sense of how large the zombie horde in this world is – and how quickly they can mass.

For the Kill Shakespeare fan who’s been waiiting (in vain) for Zombie Iago I hope Stranger helps fill your insatiable lust for brains… braaaains….


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