All positive reviews for Issue #11 (round-up)

With the launch of our 11th issue came a wide range of reviews for the issue.  And we’re happy to see that they are all quite positive – and all look forward to the release of final issue in July!

Starting off, we received a review by David Pepose at Newsarama (click on the image to go to the review).  The site, of course, is one of the top out there for news and reviews in the comic and geek worlds and I must admit that I felt a little slighted that we had only received one review from them for the entire duration of our series.  However, David has stepped up to the plate and put together a great review, with mainly positive and some slightly negative and constructive thoughts on our issue (and series). My favourite: “But for what is essentially a war comic that hits the literary fanboy button, this is an issue that will be appreciated by diehards and new readers alike.”

Secondly, top comic website, ComicBookResources, posted another review of one of our issues last week (after having missed Issue #10).  This is another positive – however, writer Ryan K. Lindsay also wonders if, with one of our plot points (that of a new side of Puck) we have “jumped the shark” (“There have been some creepy and imaginative visuals in the past, but Shakespeare’s multi-eyed soldier takes this book in a sudden and jarring direction. It’s a twist, and one not all will like, but it certainly provides a rich backdrop on which to paint this finale.”).  But overall he likes the issue and especially enjoys a scene with Hamlet and Juliet (one of my favourite moments in the entire series).

A small comic blog, Paradox Comics Blog, did a mini-review of our issue.  Review Matt C gave us an 8/10 and said that “the whole thing sets the pulse racing through pure excitement as the denouement appears upon the horizon.”

Perhaps our most loyal reviewer and interview, ComicBookDaily’s Andrew Ardizzi, posted another very positive take on our series, stating, “The series has been tremendously well done up to this issue and barring an unfathomable gaffe in the final installment I would dare call it a comic book masterpiece.”

And finally, we love to shine the spotlight on new blogs and writers.  One of which is Shaun Daniels of Horror Haven Reviews.  He posted his first review of our series and stated that he really enjoyed it, stating, “Put down The Merchant of Venice or A Midsummer’s Dream and pick up Kill Shakespeare…it is Shakespeare for the 21st century.”

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