Issue #11 Artwork

After the fantastic work by Andy Belanger (pencils and ink) and Ian Herring (colours) – as well as the lettering by Chris Mowry – in our Issue #10, it might be tough to top it for our next issue, due out this week.  Well, I’ll let you and all of the readers be the judge of that, but I think that the artwork in this issue is just as strong!

Here are some early images from the issue (Issue #11: Once More Unto the Breach).  You can also check out a preview of the first six pages of the issue at this link.

Page 1 - Hamlet leaves on a final quest to see Shakespeare

Page 2-3 - An injured William Shakespeare greets Hamlet

Page 6 - The witches appear to Lady Macbeth

Page 14 - Puck appears

Page 19 - Othello Springs into Action

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