Retailer Profile: Million Year Picnic (Boston)

One of the great things about beginning our trek on the convention scene is that it gives us not only a chance to visit different cities and meet existing/new readers and fans, it gives us the opportunity to check out some great retailers that are at the forefront of influencing readers about our title.

This past weekend Andy B and I were in Boston.  I had spoken to Dave Kender from the Boston Comics Roundtable and one of his first suggestions for us was to check out Million Year Comics, located right in the middle of Harvard Square. It’s a cool shop located on the lower level of the building and reminds me a lot of our excellent The Beguiling shop here in Toronto.

Kill Shakespeare Boston Comic Con

Tony from Million Year Picnic

Million Year Picnic is run by Tony Davis, a really cool cat (a jazz term, influenced by the music he was playing that day) that’s been at the story for over fifteen years. He watches over a store that has an excellent range of product – everything from the latest Marvel and D.C. titles to indie fare like our title, and even rare stuff like Matt Groening’s Life in Hell books, which Groening had come in and signed himself years ago.

Kill Shakespeare retail store

Cluttered but organized at the same time

I then saw Tony (as well as Sergio Leon, who was also at the store when I stopped by) all weekend at the Comic Con.  He’s a true comic fan and someone who really puts together a great store in the area.  If you’re in the Boston area and would like to read some cool stuff, go visit the store!

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