Photos from Boston Comic Con

This past weekend Andy Belanger and I traveled to Boston to attend the Boston Comic Con.  It was our first trip there (both to the Con and the city) and it was a blast.  We met some great people, had some good food, and followed in the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg (watch out, Conor…).

Thanks to everyone who swung by our booth to meet us – the fans, the new readers, the media, the retailers, the costumed superheroes.  The greatest thing about working in the comic book industry is having the opportunity to meet directly with the people who are reading your series and hearing what they like and don’t like (thankfully, it’s been much more of the former instead of the latter…).

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Artist J.Bone made his way to Boston and hung out with us

"Anthony Del Col" Kill Shakespeare film comics

Always working, even while hanging out at Harvard

Our first new fan of the Con - early Saturday morning!

Ted from San Jose purchased one of Andy's greatest art pieces

Andy and Anthony with Jason Ciaramella, a fellow IDW Publishing creator

I had to include this photo of a glee club performing in Harvard Square...

With Ernie from Friendly Neighborhood Comics, one of our top retailers

They held us up at gunpoint to get a book...

Anthony and new comic creator Stephan Lapin

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