A fantastic live reading!

This past Saturday, to celebrate the birth/death anniversary of Mr. Shakespeare, we worked with the fantastic folks at Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto on the first ever live reading of Kill Shakespeare.  A number of their company actors did the reading and it took the form of a radio play set to the images of Issue #1 (broken down panel-by-panel).

Warming up the mic before the show

It was a great event with a full crowd delving into our tale.  Kudos to each of the actors involved – Albert Schultz (narrator), Mike Ross (a myriad of roles AND in charge of music and effects), Jeff Lillico (Hamlet and other various sounds), Nancy Palk (Gertrude, Witches, Lady M, dog), Kevin Bundy (Richard III, other sounds) and Sir Toby Malone (various roles) , who also happens to be one of our biggest followers on Twitter.  Thanks to everyone else at Soulpepper – Claire, Noora, T.J., Greg, Grant and Peter for their help on the event.

We unfortunately couldn’t do any video or audio recordings of the event but we should have official photos in the next day or two and will post them once we do.

Setting up before the show

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