Issue #10 – Sneak Peak at Pages!

Kill Shakespeare artist Andy Belanger has done some phenomenal work thus far on the series and received great notice and reviews.  He continually strives to make each issue better than the last and the results has been amazing.  With Issue #10, to be released next Wednesday, he has outdone himself.

This issue features increased drama and the death of a major character.  It also involves epic battle scenes and for these Andy took a great deal of attention and care into the final product.  He has been able to illustrate battle scenes that feature hundreds of soldiers battling – and yet, in each scene, he was able to find the human drama amidst the chaos.

We will be releasing select images over the next week leading up the release of the issue and today will launch one of the images here.

Falstaff tries valiantly to help Hamlet and Shakespeare

Hamlet and Shakespeare battle the magical dagger

Hamlet runs from trouble in the Globe Woods

The Prodigals square off against Richard and Lady Macbeth's armies

Lady Macbeth unleashes her magic against the Prodigals

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