While most of the Kill Shakespeare team are money-grubbing, attention seeking whores gentlemen, one member of our team toils away quietly alone in a tiny little room -¬† he comes up neither for food nor water and is suckled only by the milk of his own artistic merits…

Yes, Kagan Mcelod is one odd dude…

Many of you don't know this but comic cover guru Kagan Mcleod ACTUALLY believes he is a super-hero capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound...

But he is one oddly talented dude as well Рhaving a resume that would fill this post and beyond. Suffice it to say if Kagan is not THE most in demand commercial illustrator for newspapers, magazines and the web in North America he is on the very short list  of those who are.

So, it was a pleasant surprise when Kagan sent a carrier pigeon my way. In the little beast’s claws were a lock of Kagan’s hair (his usual way of communicating to the outside world that he still lives) and a CD.

Overcome with curiosity I plunged the CD into my computer and was amazed to see the contents.

This most secretive of artists was giving us, the hoi polloi, an unvarnished glimpse into his creative process.


The images below will give you a pretty damn good idea of what the cover for issue #12 is going to look like. So DON’T go any farther if you want to be left completely surprised and dazzled by the incredible journey into the illustrative arts that Mr. Mcleod has planned for you.

(Now that we’ve got rid of those pansies we can continue).

Like a comic-panel, Kagan also starts his work with the humble pencil...

...but where Andy follows with inks, Kagan goes straight to the paint.

The fine detail work takes a fine brush - each strand of hair is hand-painted (sounds like a Franklin Mint product, eh?)

After finishing the "key" art Kagan uses different methods to create his dreamy backgrounds - notice the brush strokes.

Now, of course this is just the TIP of the issue #12 iceberg. Kagan has a lot more in store for this design, and because I don’t want to TOTALLY be the Grinch I’m going to stop this here… but we’ll go more in depth once the cover is a LITTLE closer to being released for real.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go clean Kagan’s cage…

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