Happy Birthday to our Bill Murray!

March 30th marks an important day in art history.  Yes, Vincent Van Gogh was born on this date but so is the next biggest artist in the comic book industry – Andy Belanger!  Today is his birthday so if you know him make sure to send him a HUGE birthday greeting.

Andy Belanger Bill Murray Kill Shakespeare

Well, they kinda look similar...

Conor and I are extremely lucky to have been able to work with Andy on this project.  Not only is his art fantastic but he’s a great guy to hang out with, travel with, laugh with, pull pranks on, drink with, and work with.  Andy is a true professional and really knows what it takes to succeed in this industry.  I look forward to continuing to work with him for years and years.

And yes, he also looks a bit like Bill Murray.  Though I personally think he looks more like Joe Pesci…

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