Images from Toronto Wizard Comic-Con

Andy, Conor and I had a great time this past weekend at the Toronto Wizard Comic-Con.  Much smaller than the FanExpo that appears in August in the city, it nonetheless was a big success for us.  We had a LOT of people stop by our booth and sold a lot of books and issues.  What’s even better is that a lot of people had already heard of us, which means that our marketing campaigns have been working!

Thanks to Doug and Peter at Paradise Comics who were able to arrange for us to have a booth at the show.  We were actually positioned right across from the Delorean from Back to the Future, so it was great to see that machine still chugging away.  (I’m not sure where the plutonium was coming from this – I have a feeling it’s probably tough to do business with Libyans these days…).

Here are some images from the show…

Making sure the booth is free of ghosts.

Analyzing Andy's brush strokes

The Dangerous Ladies of Kill Shakespeare

Anthony with Kill Shakespeare fan Julie

Our marketing assistants Ben and Bob

Andy and Anthony flank Bayside's teacher Kent Allin (what's with the beard?)

Anthony with comic creators Vaughn and Steve

The creators of our mini-story "Et Tu, Hecate?" - J.Bone, Owen Craig and Curtis Westman

A fan and avid reader with his take on a Kill Shakespeare cover

Andy with Darcy and Shaun from EP Daily

The entire family reads Kill SHakespeare!

Anthony with Spencer and Caitlin, who manned our booth on Sunday

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