Reviews for Issue #9 Are In!

The early reviews for Issue #9 (Is That a Dagger I See Before Me) are now in… and they are all positive!

“This issue features what is hands down one of my favorite moments in comics this year. I turned the page and literally gasped as Hamlet falls under the water to be attacked by monsters made of pages Shakespeare has discarded.”ComicBookResources

Andy Belanger Kill Shakespeare

"Hands down one of my favorite moments in comics this year" - ComicBookResources

“Overall the issue was a great read. Del Col and McCreery’s writing has definitively improved throughout the run and it’s showing in the revelations of this issue and the overall pacing of it. Their scripts feel very detailed, and with Belanger’s artwork, acts as the perfect complement to each other. Together they have created one of the best books in comics, that after nine issues, has not let up in either its quality or presentation.”Comic Book Daily

“Issues 1 through 9 have been solid all the way through, being almost perfect.  I can only assume that there are only three more issues remaining for this particular arc.  How in the world this is going to wrap up in three more issues I have no idea.  But I’m excited to see what happens!”The Heretics Blog

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