Fantom Comics (Washington)

Every time we have a chance to travel anywhere one of our top priorities is to visit with the local comic book stores.  We had the opportunity to do so in Washington, D.C.  Our first stop on Monday afternoon (the 14th – Valentine’s Day) was to visit Fantom Comics!

Devon at Fantom Comics

Fantom Comics is located right in Union Square Station in Washington and we must say is a great set-up.  It serve mainly commuters (and Union Square Station is full of them!), and is a compact – but smart – store.  They were actually sold out of trade of Kill Shakespeare and only had one copy of Issue #8 left.

Devon, who was running the store at the time, was a cool guy and was glad that we stopped by.  If you’re in the Washington area and looking for a place to pick up some comics, swing by and check them out!

Fantom Comics in Union Square Station

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