Reprint of Issue #1!

We had many people last spring/summer approach us about purchasing the first issue of Kill Shakespeare as soon as the first two issues were sold out.  There was a lot of demand and a lot of disappointment with IDW was unable to do a reprint.  However, that is no longer – next Wednesday (the 16th) IDW will be issuing a reprint of our Issue #1!

As part of a new Hundred Penny initiative (yes, issues available for only one dollar!), IDW Publishing is reissuing the first issues of some of their most popular series for those that missed them the first time around.  We are excited to be considered one of those titles and look forward to garnering a number of new readers in the process!

Here is the actual cover of the 100 Penny reissue (cover by Andy Belanger) – click for a larger version:

Kill Shakespeare Andy Belanger Cover

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