Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bard?

We were contacted by Jeff Renaud from ComicBookResources.com a couple weeks ago.  Jeff had found out about K.S. through this month’s Preview magazine and wanted to do an article about us.  You can find the article here.

Some freaky-lookin' artwork by Andy B

It’s a pretty good interview – Conor and I had fun answering the questions.  Some highlights:

“Hailed as an epic adventure that pits Shakespeare’s greatest heroes against his most frightening villains, what’s not to love about IDW’s upcoming new series “Kill Shakespeare?”

“C: It’s weird, we see Shakespeare as high culture now but he’s the ultimate James Cameron or Steven Spielberg. I think it’s because we tend to get a bit lost in the “beautiful” language.”

“A: We’ve been very careful to be true and respectful to not only Hamlet’s character but also each of the Shakespeare characters that we incorporate into our story. This is the foundation that we use to grow each character. What we have done differently is altered the direct path that led them to this moment. For instance, in our story Juliet survived her ordeal with Romeo – he died – and has been living the last half-dozen years with the anguish from that moment and has grown into a stronger young woman and leader.”

“C: Well, you will see Puck. I’ll give that one away for free. But he’s not necessarily a “good fellow.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist. As for introducing other characters, well, everyone in the comic has a Shakespearean origin, so you’ll see a lot of names you might recognize.”

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