Reactions on the Shuster noms (and a glaring non-nom)

It was absolutely fantastic to get nominated for a Shuster Award for writing earlier this week.  Conor and I are still on cloud nine for that distinction.  What is also cool is to have read a couple blogs/sites that comment on our nominations.

The first was The Fabler Blog, a “web comics portal”, which ran through some of the nominees.  Kevin de Vlaming, the writer, goes through some of that categories and also points out some nominations he’s excited about.  The top of the list is Kill Shakespeare, and he says: “They’re up against some big names in the Outstanding Comic Book Writer category, such as Lemire, J. Torres, and Kathryn Immonen, but I think they can hold their own…. It’s clever, well-written, and ultimately filled with nuanced originality that sets it apart from a lot of what’s out there at the moment.“  You can read the full blog post here.

And over at ComicBookDaily, two writers (Andrew Ardizzi – who has done a few reviews of our work – and Pete DeCourcy) comment on some of the nominees.  Andrew approves of our writing nomination but adds, “I do think however that’s it’s a colossal mistake to have omitted Andy Belanger’s contributions to Kill Shakespeare. He has consistently offered some of the most dynamic, creative and altogether violent I’ve seen in the last year. It’s truly beautiful, and a crime that he’s not on there anywhere.

Pete also comments on this, stating, “Yeah, I totally agree – Kill Shakespeare wouldn’t work half as well without Belanger’s very distinct art style, he lends an air of distinct menace to some of the scenes that rewards multiple readings.

You can read the whole article here or by clicking on the link below.

I’m really glad that some people recognize that Andy should have been nominated.  Andy’s doing some really original and incredibly dense things in this series – especially his work on Issue #7 (check out some of the incredible pages here – and below).  I know that the artist category is very competitive and applaud Kevin and Robert and everyone at the Shusters for doing a very good job on making the process transparent.  It’s just too bad that Andy didn’t make the final list for some reason.

  1. Bruno @ The Fabler replied on February 9, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    Thanks for the mention! Keep up the great work guys! Good luck at with the award and we’ll see you at CCEE!

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