Appearing in London, ON February 12th!

It’s been a couple months since we’ve done a signing but we’ll be shaking the rust off of our pens and microphones later this month with a couple appearance in Canada and the U.S.  First stop… London, ON!

The good folks at L.A. Moods Comics and Games in London, ON reached out to us months ago about setting up a signing there.  London has a thriving comic book scene so Conor, Andy and I are really looking forward to checking out the store and meeting with some fans/making new ones.  We are also appearing on Friday the 11th at H.W. Beal Secondary School to do a workshop for some of the students.

It’s great to be able to visit London as Andy Belanger got his education in London – not only from Fanshawe College but also meeting and becoming friends with Stuart and Kathryn Immonen.

As Andy says:

“I spent my college years busting my tail to get the highest marks possible at Fanshawe College’s Fine Art Program. Funny enough I was told that if I wanted to excel in the program I was absolutely not allowed to spend my time drawing guys in tights. No drawing, no painting, try your hand at sculpting. As a comic lover then, it was an understatement to say the least I was a little frustrated by this.

“Little did I know my profs were giving me some of the best advice when it came to the creative process, kind of like the way Mr. Miyagi told Danielson to paint the fence or wax on wax off.I came away with things like work on the entire piece as a whole, start rough and don’t be afraid to kill your darlings. My Profs were top notch.

London is also where I met Stuart and Kathryn Immonen. Arguably the most talented couple in comics, Marvel superstars. They were running a comic jam that I became a part of and we quickly became friends.

“Stuart has been a huge influence and inspiration to my work but Kathryn actually taught me everything I know about breaking down and writing a comic script. The roots that I have in London are surely the reason my career grew to what it’s become. I also gotta give a shout out to Call the Office, my home away from home!”

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