The Best Fan Mail Yet!

Yesterday I received a card in the mail from Holly Fleming of St. John’s, Newfoundland.  The card had been forwarded by her aunt and uncle, Sharon and Ted Fleming, good friends of ours and key members of the Kill Shakespeare team.  They had bought a copy of our graphic novel for Holly for Christmas, and this is what she wrote to me (I had met Holly at Sharon and Ted’s wedding  just over two years ago when I had served as the MC):

(Read the right side of the card first, then the left)

This made my day as this is EXACTLY one of the reasons we wanted to do this project!  The fact that someone is now excited about Shakespeare and will want to read more and take part in class is fantastic.  We’ve heard this from teachers all over but to get a card from Holly makes our day.

I’m glad that you liked the first graphic novel, Holly, and we look forward to continue to making Shakespeare exciting for you!

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