CBR: What Are You Reading?

ComicBookResources.com has a segment in their popular Robot 6 column regularly where they ask current comic creators what books and series they are currently reading and/or collecting.  On Sunday they posed the question to Johnny Zito and Tony Trov of South Fellini Studios, creators of Zuda Comics’ Black Cherry Bombshells and the recent series Carnivale De Robotique.

Johnny Zito says that the series he likes to read is Kill Shakespeare, saying the following:

“I read Kill Shakespeare month to month. However, it’s new so it didn’t immediately spring to mind. It fills the void that Fables and X-Men used to, full of drama and romance and fighting. Comics are at their best when they aspire to be Shakespearean. Men and women running around the night, wearing masks, fighting for love or revenge or whatever. Kill Shakespeare has all of that for obvious reasons and capitalizes with clever twists on old standards. The art lends a real gravity to the source material, it feels real. Or better yet it feels like a play, a world built out of set pieces and cardboard trees. It’s a surreal brain treat that I can’t recommend enough.”

It’s always great when other comics creators read your stuff and give you a shout-out and we really appreciate it!  We urge everyone to check out Carnivale – it’s a fantastic series!

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