Vote Shakespeare for ‘Best New Villain’!

We received an email from Peter at ComicGeekSpeak podcast a few days ago letting us know that they have come out with their nominations for Best New in a number of categories, and they have placed Shakespeare in their “Villain” category.  As Peter described to us in an email: “We described it less as a villain and more as Shakespeare’s presence over the entire book and how the character effects everyone else in the book.”

The full nomination list includes:

- White Canary (Birds of Prey)
- John Steele (Secret Avengers)
- the Absence (Batman and Robin)
- Oberon Sexton (Batman and Robin)
- Skinner Sweet (American Vampire, Vertigo)
- Sir Isaac Newton (S.H.I.E.L.D.)
- Shakespeare (Kill Shakespeare)

Voting is now on so please get out the vote!  To vote for Shakespeare as the Best New Villain simply email Peter at and tell him where to place the Bard!

To check out the full list of categories and nominations click on the logo above.

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