“Very cool or be a total bust”

We’ve been getting some mentions by bloggers who have been flipping through this month’s Preview magazine and highlighting some interesting choices.  It’s always encouraging to see Kill Shakespeare as one of the titles noted.  A very interesting discussion about us took place on the Comics and… Other Imaginary Tales blog (you can check out the link by clicking on the logo).  Their discussion points were:

Jim: This will either be very cool or be a total bust. The premise sounds good enough for me to sign up to check it out. I would love to see a preview of this series.
Lee: Since we both liked Helen Killer, I’m betting we’ll like this too. But you’re right, it’s either going to be great or suck. Really really suck! There isn’t a lot of middle ground for this type of book.

That seems to be the overall theme – we will either be great, or suck.  At least it’s generating that sort of discussion.  We’re slightly nervous to see what the reaction will be but for the most part confident that we’ve created as strong a story and series as possible.  Here’s hoping that people don’t think we “really really suck”!…

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