Shania Twain and… Anthony Del Col?…

I was born and raised in Timmins, Ontario, a small mining community in Northern Ontario, Canada.  Well, technically I lived in Porcupine, Ontario, which is a sort-of suburb of Timmins.  The first newspaper I read was the Timmins Daily Press (which was the first newspaper created by future media mogul Roy Thomson) so last week I received a thrill when I was listed as a front page story subject!

Entitled “The Bard Faces Danger”, the article talks about Kill Shakespeare, my upbringing in Timmins, and plans for the future.  Thanks to writer Kate McLaren for the profile and her interest in the story. You can read the article by clicking in the Daily Press logo.

As Conor said, I’m now in the running to become one of the most popular entertainers to emerge from Timmins.  I’m running a very, very, very far distance behind someone else, though… Shania Twain…

  1. Brian Kelly Brian Kelly
    Brian Kelly replied on January 16, 2011 at 5:15 am

    Love the work guys! As a once actor I had the chance to do a few- Midsummer, Hamlet, Winter’s Tale, and Romeo and Juliet. It is so cool to see how the ” what if” of these characters would work. Hamlet the most famous man of inaction as hero! awesome.

    btw- i do social media marketing if you ever need anyone to post for you

    Anyway great job! and a movie- it’s perfect!

    Please try to get gary oldman or tim roth in there somewhere- it could work.

    Brian Kelly

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